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The Power of Teams          

The power of teams comes from each team member feeling confident in their contribution to the team's goals and being acknowledged for their performance by the team. Building this kind of powerful team requires establishing a team culture that engages and creates an effective, efficient, and fun environment.

  • Building a new team?
  • Adding or losing team members or leaders?
  • Wanting to strengthen your team cohesion?
  • Re-organizing your work units?
  • Needing tools and useful frameworks to manage conflicts better?
  • Considering a team retreat to refresh and re-motivate your team? 
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Intercultural        OD & HRD

An organization is a dynamic organism. Each part has unique qualities, strengths, and challenges. When every part is valued and utilized to its potential, organizational performance accelerates. Achieving this requires interculturally mature leadership, management, and operations.

  • Your workforce becoming increasingly diverse?
  • Hiring people from different backgrounds?
  • Your business going global?
  • Sending people to and/or bringing people in from other locations?
  • Considering intercultural leadership training or executive coaching? 
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Education for the Future

Today's students are growing up in an interconnected and complex world. Interculturalist is committed to bringing intercultural education to families, K-12 schools, and higher education. We collaborate with educators, parents, and others to help students prepare for career, life, and future.

  • Teaching/working in K-12 schools, higher education, or other types of educational institutions?
  • Hoping to incorporate intercultural perspectives into your teaching/work?
  • Wanting to facilitate open, safe, and inspiring conversations about diversity and intercultural topics with children and youth?
  • Raising your children in a multicultural community?