Jen Muenchow

Director of Human Resources

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

Paul and Akko have worked with our Senior Leadership Team over the past year, leading us through a series of sessions to develop our emotional intelligence. They have been thoughtful, knowledgeable, and insightful as they have guided us through a process of learning more about ourselves and each other. One of our top executives stated that this was some of the most important work we have done as a team. We unanimously agreed to continue our work with Paul, Akiko, and the Interculturalist team.

W. Mark Richardson

President and Dean

Church Divinity School of the Pacific

I am President and Dean of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and wish to convey my impression of Akiko, at Interculturalist, as a consultant and coach using the IDI for intercultural development. Akiko worked with our faculty. Akiko went out of her way to build relationships with each of us, and to be attentive to where we were individually in our own intercultural development. I have found her to be a deep listener in our conversation, and one who listens with purpose. She never wavered from careful attention to our specific growth needs, and this focus was evident to every faculty member without exception. Akiko is willing to be appropriately personal as she draws out our own personal stories. I found her to be very affirming, but it was never soft or aimless affirmation. She was quite willing, having built rapport, to challenge us in places we might not have expected. Her challenges were specific, and always directed toward a learning goal within the program.

We certainly have encountered her competence and expertise within the Program as a whole: teaching, interpreting, and mentoring us in all aspects of intercultural development. The faculty has the highest regard for her work, and feel fortunate to have her as our mentor, consultant, and coach in our Intercultural development program.

Craig Warren

Vice President of Enterprise Solutions

Minnesota Children’s Museum

The Gift Mapping exercise was a powerful combination of relationship-building and role-modeling inclusive behaviors. The exercise provided an opportunity to reflect on my own talents, learn how others perceive my strengths, and share how I see strength in others. Akiko and Paul Maeker did a phenomenal job of framing the exercise in the context of our broader DEI work and in creating an environment where participants felt comfortable fully engaging and being vulnerable. As a result of this exercise I feel much closer to my colleagues.