Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Looking for a reliable way to measure growth in capacity to work across diversity? The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a cutting edge assessment that can give you the information you need.

What is the IDI?

The IDI is a cross-culturally valid and reliable psychometric assessment that "takes a snapshot" of how you are thinking about diversity. It is based on the idea that humans are on a developmental path in how we think about diversity. It is used by individuals and organizations to help determine the capacity to work within and lead inclusion and diversity.

Completing the IDI is easy and requires 15-20 minutes. Participants are asked to go online and log in, using a username and password that Interculturalist, LLC provides, and then respond to 50 statements.

After completing the IDI, Interculturalist generates an in-depth graphic profile of an individual or group’s current state of intercultural capability. The profile allows you to see the gap between where you are at in your intercultural development process and where you aspire to be. Clarifying one's gap is a powerful starting point in creating intentional steps toward increasing your capacity to work across diversity. Please click here for further details about the validity and reliability of the IDI.

There are four key ways in which the IDI can be used.

  •     Use as a baseline assessment of organizational effectiveness in terms of capacity to nurture diversity & inclusion.
  •     Use as a needs assessment to know the learning needs for a group and/or an individual.
  •     Use as a framework for establishing shared language to further build diverse teams and organizations.
  •     Use as a post-training assessment which can be compared with the baseline assessment.

Interested in the IDI? Interculturalist, LLC has two decades of experience using the IDI with individuals and organizations. We would love to assist you too. Please contact us to inquire more about the use of the IDI in your organization.

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