Akiko presents the Intercultural Mind & Heart Model (a.k.a. the WHO Model)

Interculturalist's Akiko took part in two components of this year's Forum on Workplace Inclusion. The first was as a coach/consultant for Forum attendees who signed up to receive coaching or consulting as one of the Forum on Workplace Inclusion D&I Coaching Center. Akiko said, "I had such a rewarding experience providing D&I Coaching sessions as one of the faculty. Building on the pilot service last year, this year's D&I Coaching Services was an exceptional success!"

Akiko also was one of the presenters at the Forum. She gave a presentation entitled "Who Is Leading Your D&I Initiative? Let’s Talk About the WHO of D&I Leadership" which focused on the people who provide leadership in D&I (as opposed to what usually gets attention -- the How and What). It was a thrill seeing the discussion that developed within her session. For a copy of her presentation, please download here.